Covid Christmas!

Christmas is looking a little different this year for everyone, so why not make the best of it. Between people losing their jobs, the Covid-19 killing hundreds of thousands of people, and Black Lives Matter movements making a difference in today society, it’s important to stay safe and be positive. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to stay optimistic when …

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Time To Heat Up The Oven

I recently found myself very bored and decided I should make some zucchini bread. My Mom had made it once before, but I wanted to try and make this type of bread by myself. I got out all of the ingredients, followed the recipe and chopped up a massive zucchini from my grandpas garden and it went a little something …

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My Pandemic Pals

This Covid-19 stuff stinks sometimes, but I have my makeshift emotional support animals by my side. This post is a shoutout to my awesome pets who keep me sane. I have three pets, technically four if you count my little brother who should probably be added to the list. Next is my favorite feline, Rex aka Rexy Jo. My brother …

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