3 Easy Steps to Healthy Skin

My healthy skin kit consists of 3 things; moisturizer, scrub, and face masks. I’ve found this combination of things keeps my skin healthy and glowing. Here are my 3 easy steps:

Step 1 – Find a good moisturizer. My personal favorite is L’Oreal Paris collagen moisture filler. It makes my skin super soft, and it’s not too oily. I think it’s best to find a moisturizer that gives your skin everything you want.

Step 2 – Find a scrub that works for your skin type. This step might take a little bit of trial and error. The scrub I use all the time is Neutrogena oil-free acne stress control power-cream wash. It helps me when I’m breaking out and doesn’t dry my skin out, like scrubs I’ve previously tried.

Step 3 – Get some face masks. I got my face masks bulk at Costco, but you can get them anywhere you really. I use the brand Lapcos. I love the aloe one, it really helps my skin from drying out. You can also make your own masks. Here’s a link to a homemade clay mask recipe.

As always I’m going to leave you with a quote:

Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle.

-Erno Lazlo-