Everything You’ll Find in My Makeup Bag

Sometimes when I open my makeup bag I think to myself “Is it possible to have more products?” The truth is my makeup bag is a bottomless pit. From foundation to eyeshadow to mascara there is a lot!

First let’s talk foundation… I have both liquid and powder foundation. The powder is for pictures; if you use liquid foundation in pictures it makes your skin appear oily (which is so not cool). My liquid foundation has more coverage than the powder foundation in my opinion.

Next up is concealer… I put tinted moisturizer and bb cream in this category.  Concealer is great when I don’t want to have full coverage foundation, but still want to hind a bit of acne or any other skin blemish. Tinted moisturizer is awesome in the summertime when it’s hot and foundation is going to sweat right off. I got my tinted moisturizer from Sephora.

Say hello to blush and bronzer… I have Fenty Beauty bronzer and an elf blush palette. I love both of them. The bronzer is the perfect shade. The blush adds just the right pop of color to the cheek to complete any good makeup look.


We’ll move on to eyeliner… I love liquid eyeliner, but I still have an eyeliner crayon. The eyeliner crayon is for my natural looks, because it’s brown. Doesn’t every girl love the feeling that they get when they pull of the perfect wing of liquid eyeliner? I sure do.

Oh My Eyeshadow… I really like natural colors. I have three eyeshadow palettes and everytime I get a new one, it seems to be bigger than the last. When it comes to my Sephora Eye Love palette my favorite color is, well the whole bottom row. As for my Naked palette (props to my Mom) my favorite shade is either Virgin or Toasted. My last palette the Beauty Glazed Color Fusion Over the Rainbow palette is mainly for halloween and spirit types of things. It’s obviously not a everyday kind of palette.

Don’t forget your primer… I use Wet-n-Wild photo focus eyeshadow primer, but any primer will work.

Eyebrows on fleek… I have an eyebrow pencil and sculpting eyebrow mascara. The combination of both these things give my the dramatic brows I want.

First mascara, then I’ll go… I use different mascara depending on what I’m doing. The lash stilettos mascara is waterproof and the Benefit They’re Real! mascara is not. The Benefit mascara gives more length in my opinion. The lash stilettos mascara is thicker but doesn’t clump easily.

My beauty blenders… I have two different styles of beauty blenders. I get beauty blenders in bulk stock. I’m not 100% sure what the flat bottom is for, but it’s nice to have when smoothing. The pear shape is nice for blending and applying. I usually wet the blender a little bit before I use it.

As always I’m going to leave you with a quote:

Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.

                                          -Sophia Loren-