My Pandemic Pals

This Covid-19 stuff stinks sometimes, but I have my makeshift emotional support animals by my side. This post is a shoutout to my awesome pets who keep me sane. I have three pets, technically four if you count my little brother who should probably be added to the list.

                 This is Stormy Bob
   He likes to go pee early in the morning
This is baby Stormy Bob
Curious little guy

Next is my favorite feline, Rex aka Rexy Jo. My brother wanted to name him after a T-Rex so his name is Rex.

He gets into a lot of trouble
He’s very photogenic
Rex as a Kitten hanging with his best buds

My other cat Belle is like Rex’s mom. Rex was given to us when he was really young, so when we brought him home he used to nurse on Belle even though she had no milk. She loves Rex so much and they’re always giving each other baths and playing with each other. Pretty much they are a package deal.

Belle posing for the camera
Belle back in her prime when she was skinny and we would dress her up in shirts and make her dance

Belle doesn’t dance much anymore. She’s pretty fat and skiddish now, but the second I try to sit on the sofa she’s there meowing to be pet.

As always I’ll leave you with a quote.

“The greatest fear dogs know, is the fear you will not come back.”

-Stanley Coren-