Time To Heat Up The Oven

I recently found myself very bored and decided I should make some zucchini bread. My Mom had made it once before, but I wanted to try and make this type of bread by myself. I got out all of the ingredients, followed the recipe and chopped up a massive zucchini from my grandpas garden and it went a little something like this:

The first thing I did was chop up this giant zucchini for the bread. After I chopped it up I put it in the food processor, and it sliced the zucchini nicely. I choose to leave the seeds in, but you could definitely take them out if you wanted.

After I chopped the zucchini up I started mixing the dry ingredients in a big glass mixing bowl.

Next I added the wet ingredients, then the dry ingredients into the stand mixer. After it finished mixing I gently folded in the zucchini slices that had gone through the food processor.

I put some non-stick spray into two bread loaf pans just as the oven finished preheating. I added the mixture to the pans and put them into the oven.

About an hour or so later and ta-da! I have piping hot delicious zucchini bread. It tastes so good and the bread has all of your typical fall spices.

Next all you need to to is cut yourself a little slice and enjoy this delicious treat! Next thing you know both pans will be empty and you’ll have a huge stomach ache.

As always I’m going to leave you with a quote.

“And all at once, summer collapsed into fall….”

-Oscar Wilde-