A Couple New Additions To My Fur Family

My family recently got two new Bengel kittens. They are super adorable and they’re six months old. The previous owners claim they are brother and sister, despite the fact they look different. I love them and they are so furry and cuddly. Let’s get right into the pictures of my families new bundles of joy.

This furry little guy is Paulie Piper. He is the boy out of the two. He is like a small dog, if you leave anything out on the counters he WILL try to eat it. If you leave the pantry door open he will definitely get into stuff.

This little gal is Penelope. Unfortunately she would not sit still on the backdrop like her brother did so she doesn’t have a fancy picture. She does have white on her, but her rosettes are supposed to show up on the white soon. She is very mischievous, she like to be on top of the tallest thing in the room. Even if the tallest thing is the drapery rods.

Now that we have two more furry friends in the house we have four cats and one doggy dog.

As always I’ll leave you with a quote:

“What great gift than the love of a cat.”

-Charles Dickens-