Nail Polish: The More The Merrier

I have almost every color of the rainbow when it comes to nail polish. You just can’t have too many in my opinion. I mean if you take care of them they last pretty much forever. There is a color for every occasion and season, even holiday. Someone could say I have too many or I’m wasting my money on cosmetic items. (My dad)

I recently was introduced to nail stickers. I put the stickers on my nails Saturday and it’s Monday, the stickers have lasted pretty well so far. I’ll make another post explaining the stickers, and going into detail with my outcomes with the stickers later this week.

Now back to the nail polish, you just never know when the perfect occasion will arise and you know you’ll have the best color to match whatever outfit you may need to wear for this occasion.

There are also other factors that play into the perfect manicure (in my opinion). Such as; designs, jewels, the shape or style of the nail you’re polishing. Sometimes I like to use fake nails, or acrylic nails, but I only use short almond shaped acrylic nails. I think the long ones look good on other people, they are just not particularly my style.

Now enough with the chit chat filler stuff, let’s look at those colors!!

First up is silver, or glittery colors:

Next up is pinks, reds, and corals:

After that is blues and greens:

Following those is my lone glittery yellow-gold color:

Last but definitely not least are the classic black and white:

Now that all the colors are taken care of I want to take a moment to talk about the best tool I have for nail polish. It was a stocking stuffer I received last year and it is amaze balls! It prevents a lot of mess, I don’t really know how to describe it or what it is called, so y’all will have to look at the picture. The picture also shares a sneak peak into my sticker nails post.

As always I am going to leave y’all with a quote:

“Life is too short to have naked nails.”