Author Kerry Hamm

Today I’ll be talking about the Kerry Hamm book, When Life Gives You Lemons. I’m on a medical kick right now, most of the medical books I’ve been reading have been quick reads (two or three days to read). Kerry Hamm has a ton of books, every single one that I could find is jam packed full of reader submitted medical stories. Most of them are humorous while others can be quite grim, but they all produce some sort of main moral.

The reason I like her books so much are because she barely alters the readers submitted story, so you are getting the almost raw and uncut version of the readers original submitted story. I also really like the fact that she gives them credit by including their initials and location unless the reader requests their information to be withheld.

Some of the stories in this authors series of books shocked me, I didn’t realize how rude patients can be to their nurses. The nurses are trying to help the patients and it’s actually disturbing to me to read about how rude the patients are to the people who are trying to save their lives. With that being said, I do have a bit of bias due to the fact that my mother is a nurse.

The books in her series of reader submitted medical stories so far are:

When Life Gives You Lemons

Sex, Drugs, and Risperidone

My Best Friend is Ativan

Chief Complaint: Can’t Find The Toilet Paper

As Always I’m going to leave you with a quote:

“My student loan holders: Pandemic shamdemic.  Your due date is tomorrow.  Don’t make us come looking for you.  We’ll report you to credit bureaus if you’re 23 seconds late with your payment. -N.E. U.S.”
― Kerry Hamm, Chief Complaint: Can’t Find The Toilet Paper